Plan A Perfect Date And Ill Give You One Of My Husbandos For The Weekend
You can only have him for the weekend...

Why do you need this vacation in the first place?

Darling, your place of choice to visit?

Okay, let's talk hotels:

Which room do you want to wake up/ sleep in?

What is a must-have when traveling?

Your anime of choice?

Bestie, pick a color:

Pick some food. I know you're hungry!

You can't eat without a drink, plus I know you're thirsty!

Plan A Perfect Date And Ill Give You One Of My Husbandos For The Weekend

  1. You got: Saiki K

    He read your mind and planned the vacation of your dream and it was filled with a first class flight, awesome food and the best attractions in town.

  2. You got: Hawks

    He's gonna fly your around the city and treat you to some nice food.

  3. You got: Dabi

    He's gonna take you to a car show where they illegally sells cars, then take you out to a diner late at night.

  4. You got: Tsukishima

    He's gonna take you to the finest museum and then a restaurant he made reservations for.

  5. You got: Ushijima

    He took you on a road trip of your choice where you guys went sightseeing and listened to good music and ate immaculate food. And yes, he bought you all the trinkets you wanted.

  6. You got: Hisoka

    You both went to a relaxing spa then he took you to a casino where you two won a lot of money and he let you order all the room service you wanted.

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