Which "A Whisker Away" Character Are You?
Maybe you're a Yoriko, maybe you're a Kaoru.

What personality trait do you admire most in yourself?

What would you do if you were around your crush?

What would you do if one of your friends was being bullied?

If you had the chance to run away from your difficulties for a little bit by transforming into a cat, would you do it?

What is your view on love?

Which problem can you relate with the most?

What would your reaction be if your crush told you that they did not like you?

Which is your favorite image?

What calms you the most after a hard day?

Which "A Whisker Away" Character Are You?

  1. You got: Miyo Sasaki

    You are the daring, brave, and strong Miyo. You have faced many challenging things and try to put on a brave face each day. You are not afraid to stand up for those you love, and in interesting ways too. Sometimes you can display your inner quirkiness, but this just makes other people think you are more interesting.

  2. You got: Yoriko Fukase

    You are the loyal and intelligent Yoriko. You always have your friends' back no matter what and will always lend a helping hand in a time of need. You can be shy sometimes when voicing your beliefs and opinions unless you are protecting a friend.

  3. You got: Kento Hinode

    You are the kind and reserved Kento. You are content with your life, but long to be able to speak openly. You sometimes have trouble expressing yourself but are very kind to other people and rush to always help others. You also love animals and feel as if they understand you better than people do.

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