Which Anime Main Character Are You
Are you like Luffy? Maybe like Gon?

Would you rather eat...

What's the best color?

Which skill would you want?

What would you like your hair type to be?

Where would you rather live?

What's the best move?

Best Quote?

If you could change your eye color, what would it be?

What's your personality?

What's your favorite anime?

Which Anime Main Character Are You

  1. You got: Naruto

    You're someone that has a one-track mind, but you're still super easygoing and cheerful! You *do* rush into things a lot and you miss obvious details at times, but on top of all that you're really determined to prove yourself to everyone, because you're great.

  2. You got: Light

    You're quiet and smart and you often overthink things, but you can be a quick thinker under pressure. You've got a strong sense for justice and remain humble at all times.

  3. You got: Goku

    You're strong, but also goofy and energetic. You really can make any of your enemies your friend because you have a kind heart and you show the world that anything is possible by always putting in hard work.

  4. You got: Tanjiro

    You're someone who never gives up and are overprotective of your siblings. People know they can always turn to you for help!

  5. You got: Deku

    You're someone who never backs down and you face your fears with a smile on your face. You want to protect everyone you care about and to show everyone that even weaklings can become strong, no matter what they have been through.

  6. You got: Kirito

    You're a full-time gamer and meet new friends when gaming. You do whatever it takes to meet your goals, no matter the odds, but because of this you can come off as rude.

  7. You got: Mokoto

    You're quick on your feet — even under pressure. Your friendliness is something everyone loves about you and you always try to find a way so that everyone is happy no matter what it takes.

  8. You got: Luffy

    You're childish and tend to go to extremes. You also can be a bit greedy at times, but selfless at others. Everyone describes you as "nice."

  9. You got: Ichigo

    You're stubborn, short-tempered, and occasionally confrontational, but also spontaneous, determined, and outspoken. You show mercy to others even when they don't deserve it

  10. You got: Gon

    You're really friendly and someone who can make anyone your friend. Adventure is something you seek constantly, and you're really determined, athletic, and rustic.

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