Which Character From "Spirited Away" Is Your Kindred Spirit?
Hold your breath.

Which Character From "Spirited Away" Is Your Kindred Spirit?

  1. You got: Chihiro
    You might think you have your life planned out but life has a way of shaking things up and throwing challenges your way. You might be hesitant to tackle these obstacles, but you have what it takes. You're brave, and that's more than most people can say. So roll up your sleeves and keep your chin up, because you're ready to take on the world.
  2. You got: Haku
    When it's time to get down to business, you get DOWN. TO. BUSINESS. You might have a hard exterior, but inside, you have compassion for others. One thing is for sure... your kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. Keep being you.
  3. You got: No Face
    You're wandering around in life, observing the world going by. You're a bit timid, a bit withdrawn from society, but you're OK with that. You have a small, but close circle of people who just get you. In this life, that's all you really need.
  4. You got: Yubaba
    You have a "take no prisoners" approach to life. You're goal oriented, and you'll do anything to get to the top. You don't believe in being "nice" because you know damn well that nice people finish last. You're not a "last place" type of person. You want power. You want respect. And nothing makes you more happy than looking down at the world and knowing you're number one.
  5. You got: The Radish Spirit
    You're one chill person. For you, life is about having a good time. You know life is a bumpy ride, so you might as well get comfortable and find ways to enjoy it. Have a drink. Smoke the best that mother nature has to offer. Go to a spa and chill out, dude. You're the type of person who's cool as hell.
  6. You got: Kamaji
    You're a work horse. You got responsibilities and you handle them very well. You're also very good at multitasking. People respect you because, without you, things just wouldn't be the same. You're good at what you do and that's all that matters. So keep doing your own thing. Have a roasted newt.

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