Which "Jujutsu Kaisen" Character Are You
Gojo? Sukuna? We got all the "fingers" here.

How would you spend your holiday?

What would you eat for breakfast?

What would you wear?

Can you play baseball?

Finally, pick one of these as your friend:

Which "Jujutsu Kaisen" Character Are You

  1. You got: Gojo Satoru

    You seem to be playful and nonchalant — but you're unsympathetic and cruel toward those sorcerer executives. You believe in your strength and might be charming, too. ?

  2. You got: Itadori Yuji

    You're usually composed, good-natured, and friendly, but can be angered by injustice. You are a fair person who really cares for not only your comrades but everyone you know. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for others.

  3. You got: Fushiguro Megumi

    While outwardly stoic and calculating, you wish to help protect people who you see as good or kind. You're also a secretive person who doesn't likes to talk about yourself. You like keeping your room clean and your clothes comfy.

  4. You got: Nobara Kugisaki

    You are a self-confident person with a strong belief in being true to yourself. You have an unshakable character. You also have an unbeatable sass and might sometimes go overboard while shopping.

  5. You got: Ryomen Sukuna

    You are selfish, cold-hearted, immoral, and exceptionally sadistic. But hey! Isn't that a compliment to you? You like to have your piece of fun and are highly intelligent. You have the ability to acknowledge and praise your opponents.

  6. You got: Kento Nanami

    Did you win the "Perfect Child" award? Because we wouldn't be too surprised. You are a very wise and reserved kind of person, often appearing so calm and indifferent. You divide your problems in 7:3 ratio and are able to find a weak spot in everything.

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